Team Fundraising

Bring your supporters together to raise money for a common financial goal

Why Do Organizations Use Team Fundraising?

Because you can easily build a fundraising program, rally your supporters to raise more money, deliver a perfect donor experience, and save time with our data integrations, all while growing your donor base

Create Unlimited Programs

Whether you build 2 or 200, every idea can have its own program. There is no limit to the number of programs you can build so you can be creative, try a new approach, and do more with fundraising efforts.

Customized As Needed

One program won't fit all your needs. With Donate2 Team Fundraising Forms, each program can be unique. Customize the ask amount, language, branding, and more to meet the needs of the specific audience.

Phenomenal Donor Experience

With Donate2 Team Fundraising Forms, we make it really simple. The donor taps or clicks a link, your customized form loads, and payment is made. Words like delightful, frictionless, and intuitive are how the experience is described.

Comprehensive Data Integration

Every time someone has to use a CSV to get donor data from one database into another for reconciliation, we shed a tear. Donate2 transaction data ends up in all the right places with our automated integrations.

Grow Your Donor Base

We have seen upwards of 70% of donations come from first time donors. There are many that want to give and support your organization but haven’t yet. Remove the friction and meet the donor where they are with the ease of a Donate2 Team Fundraising Form.

Raise More Money

Our forms work just as well for galas and special events as they do for everyday giving. Think about your long term approach and leverage modern fundraising tools that can be incorporated into everything from email, web, and streaming experiences, to mailers and more.

Feedback Driven Development

Our best ideas come from conversations with our users

Other Contributions New

Manually edit individual team member’s totals to reflect cash or checks given.

Inform Team Members New

Send Team Members a notification when a gift is made using their form.

Team Captain New

Identify a Team Member as the Team Captain.

Features & Benefits

Everything on Donate2 Donation Forms and more...

Unlimited Programs, Teams, and Team Members
Apply Source ID's to the Program, Teams, and Members
Apply the donation to a Fund or On Account
Auto generated landing pages
Personalized Donate2 Team Fundraising forms
CSS control - custom fonts, backgrounds, gradations
Realtime donation updates on landing pages
Social Sharing at all levels
Team Member profile management
So much more...


Create as many Programs as you want. A Program is the big over arching structure for the fundraiser: 2021 Spring Gala, 2020 Fall Festival, Next Chapter Building Renovation, or Year End Capital Campaign.


Teams are a group of people working together to help raise money for your organization. You can break out teams by musical instrument, artists, cities, or however you want. Teams add competition to your fundraising!

Team Members

Team Members are individuals helping to raise funds. It could be your board members, biggest fans, staff or other members of your community. Team Members make a personal asks to their network on your behalf.

55% to 80% of Donors Cover Cost

Visit Our Example Team Fundraising Demo

International Music Hall of Fame

Note: When you visit our Team Fundraising demo don't actually submit a donation.
“We are delighted to be using Donate2 Team Fundraising Forms. It has allowed us to involve our community in a shared goal and has taken our fundraising to the next level.”
Rachel Kisic
Senior Manager of Individual Giving

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