Flex2 Package Forms

Subscriptions reimagined as cart-free payment forms

Why Do Organizations Use Flex2 Package Forms?

To sell more packages and make it as easy as possible for their patrons

Once a patron loads the Flex2 Package Form, they can complete the purchase in as little as 30 seconds. That includes selecting the day/time, seating area, quantity of tickets, and specific plays, perfomances or events. Patrons can include an add-on donation and opt to the cover the transaction cost. Flex2 Package Forms provide a frictionless solution for selling packages using ACH, Credit Card, Link, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Make Your Patrons Say "Wow"

Surprise your patrons with the simplest package form they've ever seen. It really is as simple as 1,2,3. Before they know it, they're subscribers to your organizatiomn and the can move on with the rest of their day.

Create Happy New Subscribers

The number of clicks, page loads, and interuptions in the flow of configuring a subscription can turn off patrons from becoming subscribers. Our intial findings, find this really easy.

Get Creative And Innovate

Create that package you've always imagined but couldn't. Create a package for Snow Birds that head south during the winter. Create the First Timer package for newbies. Create a package that was inspired by the need to innobvate and think outside the cart.
Flex2 Package Forms can be used for theater plays, symphony performances, museum events, garden exhibits and so much more. It's a blank canvas to imagine and create.

Flex2 Package Forms Redefine Frictionless

What kind of Subscription Package do you want to dream up?

“Our goal was to make it simple for patrons to purchase a Season Package.
The Flex2 Package Forms delivered.”
Trisha Kirk
Managing Director

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