ActiveCampaign Integrated Pricing

We provide both a Customer Experience Automation (CXA) and API integration with ActiveCampaign. As top worldwide reseller and a founding CXA developer, we have brought a fully integrated donation solution to the ActiveCampaign marketplace. (Search for Donate2 in the Apps directory of your ActiveCampaign application.) We supports eCommerce Deep Data, Site Tracking, Custom Fields, Tagging and Marketing Opt-in to make your forms even more powerful.

Integrations Include
ActiveCampaign, Stripe, Brightcove, Google, and Twilio accounts, along with access to our built in QR Code Generator.

Global Infrastructure Availability:
North America
Asia Pacific


Any Volume Plan

For any amount of transactions



20% Savings



Paid Yearly (USD) $588 a year Paid Monthly (USD) $744 a year

Donations: Plus 2% Per Transaction Fee
Streaming: Plus 5% Per Transaction Fee

Stripe Fees Still Apply