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Create flexible forms for memberships, events and anything you dream up...

Why Do Organizations Use Flex2 Forms?

Because you can easily build membership, event registration and other forms, grow your engagement and increase revenue, save time with our data integrations, all while delivering the perfect customer experience

A Form For All Occasions

A Flex2 Form can be configured in 100's of combinations to enable you to create a form for any occasion. The Flex2 form will become your new best friend. It’s there for you anytime, even at 3 am when your next, best idea strikes.

Grow Community Engagement

Engaging your community is a big part of Arts & Culture organizations. The Flex2 Form isn't specifically a donation form or a form to sell something. It's a tool that allows you to create solutions to engage and delight your customers and engage with the community.

Increase Revenue

Flex2 Forms provide a cart-free experience that removes the friction to purchase or give. Add features to your form like gifting, promo codes, and gift certificate redemption, then you have a flexible solution that can handle any money making opportunity you throw at it.

Data Integrations

Integrations make Flex2 Forms even more powerful. We provide comprehensive integrations with Stripe, Tessitura, Prospect2, ActiveCampaign, Twilio, Google and more. We put the right data in the right place at the right time.

Love All Around

It doesn’t matter if you’re the customer purchasing something on the go or if you’re in the box office ready and waiting, everyone has a great experience. Most solutions are easy for one party and a pain for the other, but not with a Flex2 Form. Your staff will love it too!

Your New Best Friend

Once you understand the many ways to use a Flex2 Form, you'll find yourself saying ”can do with Flex2” so often that you get it tattooed on your arm and everyone makes fun of you but then they start saying it too because it’s true.

Custom Domains

Create branded form URLs that match your website!

Setup a root domain with as many subdomains as you need. When you combine this with our form alias feature, you can create exactly the URL that you want. This provides a better experience for patrons, easier to remember URL's, and consistency across your brand. Custom Domains are available on all plans.
Custom URLs
Flexibility is a personality trait that describes the extent to which a person can cope with changes in circumstances and think about problems and tasks in novel, creative ways. This trait is used when stressors or unexpected events occur, requiring a person to change their stance, outlook, or commitment.

Flex2 Fills In Where Your Website Can't

Today, it will solve this and tomorrow, it will solve that

Auto-Renew Memberships

Auto-renew membership has never been simpler. From the patron choosing their membership level, to the recurring payment processing, to our link into the self-service customer portal for membership and payment management, it’s easy peasy for all parties involved.

Every Event

Putting on an event like a gala, fashion show, or big night? With the Flex2 Form you can configure multiple buttons representing different price points and benefits, add cover cost, marketing opt-in, and even put the money on account with a CSI for Tessitura.

Digital Community

Offer flexible pricing for events like trivia nights, poetry slams, and local artist talks. Start with "Donate what you can." A minimum donation of $5 allows you to participate, larger donation amounts are greatly appreciated" and go from there. On average, donors gave 4.6 times the requested amount.

Interactive Experience

Engage your patron with innovative events both on and offline. Maybe you’ll partner with a famous sommelier, a local wine company, and a local restaurant to offer packages for all combinations and price points while engaging with your audience in new ways.

Free Registration

Turn a Flex2 Form into a registration form for a free event or performance, online or in person. Collect additional information through the question and address fields. Use the Message Manager to send an email to any newly created account.

Student Card

College students are reluctant to go through a complex checkout process where they need to create an account. Go beyond just offering college programs and make your offering more approachable with a Flex2 Form.

Youth Concerts

To offer affordable art and culture experiences for students, create a "Pick Your Price" with a Flex2 Form. Offer it for Free but include some pay options like $5, $10, $20, $50, $100. Create whatever options you want. You'll be surprised how much people will choose.

Limited Offer

If you have a limited number of items to sell, be it theatre chairs, tickets, social distancing pods, or something else, include a count limit on the form. Once the limit is met, the option on the form will no longer be available.

High Museum

Monthly & Yearly Auto-Renew Memberships

Pittsburgh Public Theater

Limited offer - 62 pods (4 seats each)

Boston Symphony Orchestra

Pick Your Price - Youth Concerts

San Francisco Ballet School

Pay what you can - Virtual Festival

Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Fashion Show & Fundraiser

State Theatre New Jersey

Virtual Wine Tasting with delivery options
“We have only just scratched the surface of what we know is possible. Our first foray into using the forms and platform was flawless for the end-user and offered the seamless integration into Tessitura that we were hoping for. We continue to be impressed with quick responses from the support team, as well as the continual developments and improvements in functionality within this first year. We look forward to exploring further uses for the platform as we move forward into a new era of online giving and digital engagement.”
Maribeth Stahl
Sr. Director of Development

Features & Benefits

Flex2 forms are packed with functionality

Under 10 Seconds To Purchase

In a traditional "add to cart" checkout process, people hesitate and are likely to abandon their cart. Removing the barrier to purchase by enabling digital wallets makes the whole process user friendly and customers purchase without hesitation.

Presale Mode

Presale allows you to take payment, record the transaction, and withhold access until the release date. With Presale you can sell a product before it's available. Sell access to the Virtual Wine Tasting Event months before you’ve even confirmed the Sommelier. Just another way we help you increase revenue.

Off-Sale Mode

Off-sale mode prevents transactions and displays a customizable message. A Flex2 Form can go into off-sale mode by specifying a date, time and timezone, or when a specified "count" is met. If you wanted to sell 62 social distance pods for an event and not a pod more, you can.

Pricing Configurations

A Flex2 Form can have one or many pricing configurations. Forms that have more than one will display buttons. Each pricing configuration can provide many different combinations of product options on a form. Price, Description, Access length, Constituency, Stripe Product, Recurring, Tessitura Performance & Price Type, Count and more.

Button Cloning & Sorting

You can clone an existing button with a single click to save time and help maintain consistency. You can then drag and drop to rearrange your buttons in whatever order you need.

Add-On Donation

You can select a Donate2 Donation Form to be used by a Flex2 form as an Add-On Donation to a Free registration form or a paid event. The settings from the selected Donate2 Donation Form are inherited and used for processing the contribution. The Flex2 Form generates one order in Tessitura with two sub-line items.


Enable Gifting if you want to provide the option to gift what your Flex2 Form is selling. You can even set a Flex2 Form to be gifting only. You choose which you want, the Buyer or the Gift Recipient, to be recorded in your CRM. Use the Message Manager to communicate with the Buyer and Gift Recipient for that extra personalized touch.

Promo Codes

Promo codes will automatically adjust the price of the product displayed on the Flex2 Form. You can have multiple promo codes on a pricing configuration. Promo codes can have a Count so you can limit the number of times a promo code is used.


A Flex2 Form supports sending up to 14 strategically targeted transactional emails. With over 25 personalization tokens, the Buyer and Gift Recipient each get the right message at the right time. You can even message the Buyer or Gift Recipient when a new account is created so you can invite them to engage with your organization and complete their account.

Tessitura Gift Certificate Redemption

The option of applying a Tessitura Gift Certificate is available on Flex2 Forms allowing customers to pay using a valid Gift Certificate. The certificate is checked and the price is adjusted on the form. Additionally, the certificate is again checked at the time of payment.

Tessitura Performances

Sell a ticket to an event or performance. A Flex2 Form supports using Tessitura Performances and Price Types including a Comp Price Type for free registration.

Tessitura Constituency

Inside Tessitura, Constituency can be used for many things including allowing access, confirming benefits, and as segmentation criteria. A Flex2 Form can set Constituency granularly at the pricing configuration level or at the overall form level, or both.

Shipping Address

Combine the digital with the physical. How about a Digital Performance with flowers delivered? Enable the ability to collect a shipping address on a Flex2 Form and deploy a fulfillment email or webhook at the time of the purchase or when a gift is made.

Shipping Location Limits

Partnering with a local business for the add on but still want to offer the digital experience to your global audience? You can limit the shipping address by Country, State, City. For even more control, you can limit which cities shipping is available in with a comma separated list.

Product Access Dates

Flex2 Forms set a Tessitura Constituency for access controls. You can either choose a fixed start date and end date or a rolling number of days, weeks, months or years. This allows you to build a form with multiple pricing configuration options. You can sell a 7 Day Pass, 30 Day Pass, or a Season Pass. This is used for authentication if a customer ever needs to login.

Stripe Products

You can use Stripe products to create Auto Renewing Memberships, Monthly Digital Subscriptions, and more. Include a free trial or apply a coupon. Combine this with the Customer Portal Manager for a complete end-to-end recurring payment solution.

Webhook Destination

Working with a 3rd party system and need to send over transaction data? The webhook may be just what you are looking for. Configure an endpoint in your Flex2 Form and when a transaction is completed we will deploy the webhook to your endpoint.
“Working with L2 was seamless and, dare-I-say, the most enjoyable part of launching a digital season! We were initially drawn by the simple purchase path and the ability to track this information in Tessitura. Stream2 certainly delivered. L2 listened to our needs and added features like gifting and presale mode, which paid dividends for us in terms of sales and allowed us to reach a global audience instantly. I cannot speak more highly of not only the product, but the team behind it.”
Fran Jamison
Director of Marketing

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