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Grow your digital audience and increase sales

The League of Live Stream Theater

Why Do Organizations Use Stream2 Forms?

Because you can quickly build payment forms, grow your digital audience and increase sales, all while delivering the perfect customer experience with our streaming platform integration.

Streaming Platform Integrations

Stream2 have a strategic partnership with Brightcove! Why? Because Brightcove is the best in the business. Our integration provides a seamless customer experience from the time of purchase until long after the stream has been watched. Best of all, our Brightcove Integration is available in your account at no additional cost.

Grow Your Digital Audience

We're here to help you grow and engage your audience with features like gifting, personalization, and messaging for clear communications. We listen to the needs of our users and continually add functionality to help you expand your digital audience.

Increase Sales

Stream2 Forms generate results. Our configuration options allow you to be creative, inventive, and adapt on the fly, resulting in faster time-to-market for new product offerings. Stream2 takes care of the easy purchase path, seamless authentication, and instant access - all you need is the content!

Create Unlimited Stream2 Forms

Whether you build 2 or 200, every idea can have it's own Stream2 Form. There is no limit to the number of forms you can build. So be creative, try a new approach, and do more with cart-free transactions.

Customize Your Stream2 Forms

It’s easy to style, configure, and make modifications to your Stream2 Forms. Once you have something you love you can clone the form and turn it into another product offering with all the settings ready to go. With Stream2 Forms, there are hundreds of combinations and configurations you can create.

Phenomenal Customer Experience

With Stream2 Forms, we really do make it simple. The donor taps or clicks a link, the Stream2 customized form loads, payment is made, a magic link is deployed, and then let the streaming begin. Words like delightful, frictionless, and intuitive are how the experience is described.
“L2 has been a key partner in launching The League of Live Stream Theater. They are responsive; their platform is solid, they deliver new features when promised, and they are happy to share their expertise. We are really happy to be working with them.”
Oren Michels

Brightcove & Stripe Integrated

Setup is fast and easy with no custom integration costs

Brightcove Integrated

Our Brightcove integrated solution provides a complete end-to-end paywall including authentication and passwordless magic link access to streaming video. Configure your products as a Live Stream, On-Demand Rental, or Season Pass. Create products that work for you. Connect your Brightcove API to get started monetizing your video content today.

The Magic Link

A Magic Link is used to provide customers access to a product without needing to log in. Magic links can be configured to be a one-time use or persistent for the life of the purchase. Enable the link to work on one device or unlimited devices. For an on sale purchase, a Message Manager email containing a Magic Link is deployed at the time of purchase. Customers simply click on the link to gain access - no login required.

Brightcove Gallery Experiences

Easily create and integrate compelling interactive In-Page, Portal, or Live video experiences with customizable templates to maximize revenue opportunities, expand audiences, and drive engagement, all while staying on brand.

Magic Link Generator

Sometimes you might need to generate a link or links that will provide instant access to a Brightcove experience. Upload a CSV or enter an individual's information, and select a Message Manager email. For your customers, the experience is one click away.


Use passcodes for providing access to specific Brightcove Experiences without the need to make a purchase. Think of it as pre-authenticated. You can even create multiple passcodes and set expiration dates on each.

Low TVOD Transaction Fees

We understand the need for high performing yet low cost solutions. Our transaction fees for TVOD's are extremely competitive. In some situations, you'll find fees up to 30% and most are 10%. That means we're between 2X and 6X lower for rentals and purchased videos. That savings can add up.
Brightcove and L2 announce strategic partnership to deliver seamless video experiences for arts and cultural organizations
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Features & Benefits

Stream2 forms are packed with functionality

Quick Purchase

We remove the barrier to purchase by enabling digital wallets and making the whole process user friendly. As a result, users purchase without hesitation.


Enable Gifting if you want to provide the option to gift what your Stream2 Form is selling. Use the Message Manager to communicate with the Buyer and Gift Recipient for that extra personalized touch.

Off-Sale Mode

Off-sale mode prevents transactions and displays a customizable message. A Stream2 Form can go into off-sale mode by specifying a date, time and timezone, or when a specified "count" is met. If you wanted to sell a limit of 200 streams for an event and not one stream, you can.

Pricing Configurations

A Stream2 Form can have one or many pricing configurations. Forms that have more than one will display buttons. Each pricing configuration can provide many different combinations of product options on a form. Price, Description, Access length, Stripe Product, Count and more.

Add-On Donation

You can enable an Add-On Donation to your Stream2 Form. The Add-On Donation settings can be configured as you like.

Button Cloning & Sorting

You can clone an existing button with a single click to save time and help maintain consistency. You can then drag and drop to rearrange your buttons in whatever order you need.

Stripe Promotion Codes

Promotion codes can automatically adjust the price of the product displayed on the Stream2 payment page. You can have multiple promo codes and can even limit the number of times a promo code is used for more control.


A Stream2 Form supports sending up to 3 strategically targeted transactional emails. With many personalization tokens, the Buyer and Gift Recipient can each get the right message at the right time.

Stripe Products

Stream2 uses Stripe products to sell access to a Brightcove Gallery. Each Pricing Configuration on a Stream2 form can use the same or different Stripe product(s).

Product Access Dates

Stream2 Form pricing configuration options including a fixed start date and end date or a rolling number of days, weeks, months or years. You can sell a 7 Day Pass, 30 Day Pass, or a Season Pass.

Custom Domains

Create branded form URLs that match your website!

Setup a root domain with as many subdomains as you need. When you combine this with our form alias feature, you can create exactly the URL that you want. This provides a better experience for patrons, easier to remember URL's, and consistency across your brand. Custom Domains are available on all plans.
Custom URLs

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