The Payment Manager

A complete 360° solution for the collection of unpaid orders in Tessitura

Payment manager

Payment Manager

The Payment Manager is where you'll setup Payment Groups that can be automated to send out Message Manager emails with links to Flex2 Payment Forms for unpaid orders in Tessitura.
Unlimited Payment Groups
Create as many Payment Groups as you like. Examples might include: Group Sales, Subscription Renewals, School Classes, etc...
Preview Qualifying Orders
With a single click, you can review and search for qualifying orders. The resulting link can be used to make a payment.
Tessitura Order Payment Schedule
The Payment Manager honors the Billing Schedule found on the Tessitura order allowing customer to Pay-In-Full or to Pay What's Due.
Owners & Initiators
We fully support Owners and Initiators within Tessitura. The Owner is used for login and payment. The Initiator will receive the payment form link.

Payment Receipts

Communicate with the right people at the right time


A payment receipt is always sent to the Owner if no Initiator is assigned to the order.


If an Initiator is assigned, they will always receive a payment receipt.

3rd Party Payer

If a 3rd party makes a payment, they'll receive a payment receipt if they provide their email.

Group Sales

The BSO is improving efficiency by automating Group Sales Payments

Flex2 Payment Form Editor
BSO Group Sales Payment Form
“The Payment Manager is a game changer! It's just that simple. Why? Our internal time savings, the improved customer experience, clear and comprehensive messaging, and flexible payment options from credit card to ACH. We couldn't be happier with the collaborative experience we had working with the Donate2 | Stream2 | Flex2 team.”
John Fernandes
Group Sales Manager at Boston Symphony Orchestra

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