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What do non-profit organizations all over the world know about Donate2 Forms that you don't?

They've experienced the power of adding Donate2 Forms to their fundraising efforts. They decided to provide options to grow their donor base. They market the forms in creative ways. They think outside the cart.
Most organizations can take donations through their website, but the process can overwhelm potential donors with account creation, logging in, choosing funds, completing long forms, and other barriers that can slow down and even prevent them from completing the transaction. That approach may have its place, but what about when someone just wants to give?
With Donate2 forms, we make it really simple. The donor taps or clicks a link, your customized Donate2 form loads, and payment is made. If you like, the transaction data can go into your CRM for easy reporting and a receipt can be sent to the donor.

You Asked And We Listened

Our functionality keeps getting better and better

Full Address Collection New

Collect address information on any form. Configure the field names and decide requirements.

Additional Questions New

Ask your customer a question: In honor? In memory? Do you want to remain anonymous?

Transactional Email New

Deploy a transactional email to the donor as a receipt or as a recognition email.

Features & Benefits

Here's what makes our donation forms sing

Donations in under 10 Seconds

That’s right, we've timed it. Donate2 is so fast and so easy to use, we’ve seen donations take place in 9.547 seconds from the point the donation form is loaded to when the thank you page is displayed. That includes capturing the donor details and payment information all in under 10 seconds.
We're capable of processing well over 50,000 transactions in 5 minutes for a single Donate2 account. At $100 each, that would be $5 million in donations. But why stop there? We’re continually improving and optimizing our processes.

Digital Wallets

Payments Made Easy. Don’t make your donors dig through their pockets and purses for a credit card! We make the process faster and easier with digital wallet payment methods. Accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and Alipay payments from customers worldwide.
Donate2 presents your donor with the best payment option configured on their device. And of course, we always present the option of payment with a credit card.

Recurring Donations

Monthly, quarterly, or yearly donations are just a drop down away. You can make any Donate2 form show recurring options. A recurring donation will automatically repeat the donation on the frequency the donor chooses.
This is the easiest way for your donors to make an ongoing positive impact.

Cover Cost

Every Cent Counts. Give your donors the option to help just a little bit more. Cover Costs gives your donors the option to cover transaction fees associated with their donation. You can customize the percentage added for Cover Costs that works best for you.
We've seen when donors are presented with the Cover Costs option on a Donate2 form, the majority of donors use it.

Flexible Ask Amounts

Configure each form to deliver the ask just the way you need it. Donate2 lets you present the donor with a range of suggested donation amounts and a default amount to communicate what you’d like them to give. Using the “Other amount” option allows for them to enter any amount up to $99,999. To top it off, enable our game-changing Cover Costs options to maximize your donors' impact and deliver 100% of the donation to you.
You’ll be surprised at people's generosity when you let them say how much they'll give!

Dynamic Ask & Personalization

Personalize a "One-Click Donation" button in your donor email that loads a Donate2 form with a Personalized Ask amount using our supported URL parameters. Also, you can pre-populate the credit card form with the first name, last name, and email making it even easier for your donor to give. Use our URL parameters to personalize the text content of your donation form.
When you personalize the donation ask, it really makes an impact.

Titles & Lables

To customize your donation form, you can the adjust titles for each section and apply lables to any amount listed in your ask amounts. This allows your to ask the way you want to ask and assign levels or description to the amount someone donates.

Social Sharing Previews

Whether your patron is purchasing a 48-hour rental for Tosca, a free 7-day trial to a monthly subscription, a PPV live stream of your opening night, or a mulit-show digital season pass, you want their transaction to be swift and seamless.

Marketing Opt-In

Whether your patron is purchasing a 48-hour rental for Tosca, a free 7-day trial to a monthly subscription, a PPV live stream of your opening night, or a mulit-show digital season pass, you want their transaction to be swift and seamless.

Progress Bars

Show Their Impact. Use our goal feature to show donors what you're working towards. The Gift goal shows a progress bar for the total number of gifts generated by the specific form and the Financial goal shows the same but for a set dollar amount.
Add one or both to a form to inspire more people to join your cause!

Gift Aid UK Specific

For Tessitura Integrated accounts. When the donor selects the Gift Aid option, Donate2 will create a Gift Aid declaration for the constituent.
NOTE: Because Gift Aid is used by UK organizations only, it is only available for accounts created on our regional servers in Europe.


We use Stripe, the leading payment processor. Additionally, we offer integrations with Twilio, Tessitura, Prospect2, ActiveCampaign, and Google. Additionally, we provide a built in QR code generator.

55% to 80% of Donors Cover Cost

Meet The Managers

Branding, Service, & Communication

The Presentation Manager

Make your brand shine

The Presentation Manager is all about making you're company look good with a consistent branded experience no mattter where your customers interact. Think of Presentation Manager template as a wrapper around your content or product. Templates can be applied to forms, the customer portal, and to any of your Brightcove in-page and gallery expiriences.

The Customer Portal Manager

Provide Self-Service

Provide your customers the ability manage their own recurring donations, streaming subscriptions or memberships without having to contact the call center when they automatically receive an email notification about their payment method expiring soon, a failed/declined charge, or even a 3D secure payment that needs approval. You can configure the look and style of the Customer Portal Manager.

The Message Manager

The Right Communications

The Message Manager allows you to communicate with your customers throughout the purchase experience. There are 12 points of possible communications that encoumpass the Presale or Onsale mode, Gifted or Non Gifted mode. We make it easy with a built in WYSIWYG email editor with over 50 variables for personalization.

19% to 27% Use Digital Wallets

Where To Market Your Forms

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Literally anywhwre! Be Creative

“At Seattle Children’s Theatre we are thrilled with the way Donate2 has solved one of the biggest obstacles in giving—making it easy. For years we have heard complaints from donors as they have struggled through clunky giving portals, but with Donate2 the experience is seamless. The donor is able to give in a click or two, and the Tessitura backend is as easy as if they had logged it in directly themselves.”
Kevin Malgesini
Managing Director

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