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Brightcove and L2 announce strategic partnership to deliver seamless video experiences for arts and cultural organizations
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Brightcove & Tessitura Integrated

Setup is fast and easy with no custom integration costs

Brightcove Integrated

Our Brightcove integrated solution provides a complete end-to-end paywall including authentication and instant access to streaming video. Configure your products as a rental, season pass, or a monthly subscription. Create products that work for you. Connect your Brightcove API to get started monetizing your video content today.

One Username One Password

Your customers don't need another username and password. Make it easy and eliminate any confusion. When required, customers authenticate against your CRM using their existing username and password. For Tessitura powered organizations and their patrons, it doesn't get any easier than this.

Brightcove Gallery Experiences

Easily create and integrate compelling interactive In-Page, Portal, or Live video experiences with customizable templates to maximize revenue opportunities, expand audiences, and drive engagement, all while staying on brand.

Brightcove Gallery Expiration

A Gallery expiration date and time can be set to prevent access to a protected Brightcove In-Page Experience Gallery or SSO/SAML Portal Gallery.

Stream2 Brightcove Plugin

Create an open and accessible Brightcove Gallery with playback protection at the video level using the Stream2 Plugin and Stream2 Forms. Configure the protection with video level tags mapped to constituencies for access control. This solution provides the most flexible configuration and control available. You can create multiple Subscription options along with multiple On-Demand products all in the same Gallery, all protected. Every organization is different and the Stream2 Plugin allows you to configure what works for you.

Watch Now or Watch Later

Not ready to watch? No problem! When you enable Watch Now or Watch Later a buyer or gift recipient can choose when they want their rental viewing period to begin. They can either start the rental period immediately (Watch Now), or they can delay the start until they are ready (Watch Later). If the rental viewing period has not begun, each time they access the video through login or magic link, they will be prompted to either Watch Now or Watch Later.

Geo Protection

Geo Protection is a feature that allows you to protect a Brightcove video using the Stream2 Brightcove Plugin at the video level. By default, all countries are restricted. You can configure the countries to allow.

Instant Access To Video

Instant access, instant gratification, instant joy. A customer makes a purchase and if the product is available to watch, it will be right there for them. Our goal is to help you provide the best customer experience possible.

The Magic Link

A Magic Link is used to provide customers access to a product without needing to log in. Magic links can be configured to be a one-time use or persistent for the life of the purchase. Enable the link to work on one device or unlimited devices. For an on sale purchase, a magic link provides instant access. Additionally, a Message Manager email containing a Magic Link can be deployed at the time of purchase, or at the time of access in the case of a presale. Customers simply click on the link to gain access - no login required.

Magic Link Generator

Sometimes you might need to generate a link or links that will provide instant access to a Brightcove experience without forcing the customer to log in. Upload a CSV, select a Tessitura List Manager List, or enter an individual's information, and select a Message Manager email. For your customers, the experience is one click away.

Countdown Timers

Countdown Timers can be used in so many ways! For example, as part of a subscription plan you may have several live stream videos coming up over the next few months, you could include a Countdown Timer on each live stream video to inform your customers down to the month, day, hour, minute, and second until the performance begins.

Event Tracking Plugin

Using a Brightcove player and the Stream2 Event Tracking Plugin, cue points on your media you can trigger events to record an action. You can customize any cue point on any media. When the Brightcove Player crosses the cue point the Event Tracking Plugin records it. Examples could be, Started Watching (1 sec mark), Watched 50 Percent (35 min mark), Viewed Credit Roll (48 min mark), and whatever else you can dream up. Use this data for reminders, post show surveys, interest level, cross product promotion, and more.

Magic Link API

Let's say a customer is already logged into their account on your system and viewing a list of digital events they have access to watch. Maybe that list is a result of the customer not being able to attend a ticketed event and you want to provide access to a Brightcove Experience. You can request a Magic Link from our API. The customer can click on the link to gain access - No login required.


Use passcodes for providing access to specific Brightcove Experiences without the need to login. Think of it as pre-authenticated. You can even create multiple passcodes and set expiration dates on each. An email address is captured when a passcode is redeemed, this is passed into Brightcove for analytics with the Audience Module.

No Monthly Fee Per Subscriber

Unlike other solutions that charge per subscriber per month, we have no monthly subscriber fees. This means you can provide as many free subscriptions as you want to your Donors, Board Members, VIP's or even the Press.

Low TVOD Transaction Fees

With 18 years of experience working with Arts & Culture organizations, we understand the need for high performing yet low cost solutions. Our transaction fees for TVOD's are extremely competitive. In some situations, you'll find fees up to 30% and most are 10%. That means we're between 2X and 6X lower for rentals and purchased videos. That savings can add up.
“The partnership between Brightcove and L2 removes the friction blocking potential patrons from purchasing and instantly streaming performances. We can provide our patrons with a seamless experience from purchase through the streamed event. With Stream2’s ease of use, we have expanded our audience reach, allowing more viewers to enjoy Boston Symphony Orchestra performances from the comfort of their own homes. The results have been strong and we continue to find opportunities for patrons to easily click, pay, and watch.”
Michael Moore
Associate Director of Marketing Insights at Boston Symphony Orchestra