ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and other tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.

Integrating Transaction Data Into Marketing Automation

Get the right data in the right place at the right time


The API is used to enable the integration to your account. You'll just need to copy and paste the URL and Key. We take care of the rest.

CX APP Integration

Using our native CX Integration, all form types can be mapped to 20+ custom fields for data collection. Automations can be triggered and emails can be personalized using the custom field data.

Ecommerce Deep Date

Our Deep Data integration empowers you to automate your marketing in ActiveCampaign in response to transactions from your customers.

Site Tracking

Site Tracking is a powerful feature that connects your marketing and sales processes to your website activity. It allows ActiveCampaign to “see” and then “react” in real-time as customers visit your site and view specific pages.

Marketing Communications

You can present the option to Opt-in for marketing communications on any form. This type of permission based marketing involves using an opt-in process to confirm an email address. Opt-in marketing enables ongoing communication of information and offers to contacts who would like to receive content from you.


Tags offer a flexible way to organize contacts and can be used in automation triggers and as conditions in dynamic content. They are meant to represent temporary data and are very easy to apply to contacts. For example, tags can be added to contacts manually or from automations, forms, link clicks, integrations, and API calls.

Custom Fields

With Custom Fields you can collect additional pieces of information and store them in custom account fields. All custom fields can be used to personalize communications sent to contacts and can be used in the segment builder.