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Market your Donate2 Links

Be creative, think outside the box (cardboard in some cases), and get your cause out there. Include a link to your Donate2 form in your emails, video streams, and social media posts. It doesn't have to be screaming “GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!” but a simple one-click giving reminder goes a long way.

We can’t wait to see how you use Donate2.


You can put links in so many places! Why not subtly slide your Donate2 link into all of your email campaigns, allowing a donation to be made in just a few clicks. To generate even more donations, target just the right moment, like right after a prospective donor has visited you, or when you're announcing something big. When you combine our Prospect2 and Tessitura integrations, you can tie the donation directly to the email campaign to see just how many donations that email generated.

QR Code

A QR code provides a great short cut, allowing someone to point their phone camera (no app needed!) at your QR code that will take them right to your donation form. Imagine this as a part of your wait screen during a live stream, a targeted social media ad, or a mailer. It’s super easy and the best part is that no one has to type anything!

The Boston Symphony Orchestra includes QRCodes with a vanity URL in their flagship video content.


James Taylor and his family, longtime supporters of the Boston Symphony Orchestra with fond memories of Tanglewood, included a donation request in a recent video. The family held up a cardboard sign with the web address of a Tanglewood Donate2 form and the impact for BSO has been significant.

We hope this inspires you to think outside the (cardboard) box and engage your biggest supporters to help in ways you never imagined possible because giving to your organization has never been easier.

SMS - Text2Donate

If you're using SMS, great. If not, you should really start an SMS marketing program. For SMS capabilities, you can turn to tools like Prospect2 or Twilio. After an event or performance, use SMS to target just the right moment when a donation opportunity is at its greatest. You can do better than “Plz give 2 us K thx bye”. Leverage SMS marketing by setting up a keyword on your SMS number that will trigger a Donate2 form to be sent to the number that texts you. It’s an easy way to connect using a modern tool.

Text “give” to tel: +1(847)665-1606 to see SMS in action.

Social Media

Add your Donate2 links into all of your social media posts including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It can be subtle or it can be a full out fund raising effort. Before Donate2, your big influencers wouldn't be open to linking their followers to a complex donation process. With Donate2, that has all changed.

Your influencers can now promote your Donate2 links with confidence that their followers will generate results and they can truly help your organization.


“The decision to add Donate2 to our digital toolset for fundraising was a no-brainer. We are grateful for Donate2 and the timing was perfect.”

Daniel Neel - Vice President of Development