Flex2 Payment Forms

Personalized payment forms for unpaid orders in Tessitura

Why Do Organizations Use Flex2 Payment Forms?

Because receiving payment for unpaid orders has never been easier.

Once you create an unpaid order in Tessitura, you can immediately send the customer a Flex2 Payment Link. For scheduled payment reminders, you can setup a scheduled integration with Tessitura that deploys Message Manager reminder emails and generates links to personalized cart-free Flex2 Payment Forms. This allows customers to easily pay their unpaid orders using ACH, Credit Card, Link, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Give Unpaid Orders Some Love

With our Payment Manger, you can identify qualifying unpaid orders and deploy Flex2 Payment Forms for Subscription Renewals, Classes, or any unpaid order your organization may have. Unpaid orders have feelings too.

Honor Tessitura Payment Schedules

The billing schedule assigned to a Tessitura Order is what drives the Flex2 Payment reminder emails to your customer. If there's something due or past due within your defined window, the customer will receive a payment reminder email.

Provide Flexible Payment Options

While the billing schedule on a Tessitura Order may give the customer the payment and amount due, the Flex2 Payment Forms provide a wide array of payment options including Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AliPay, ACH, and more.

Improve Cash Flow

Whether you instantly provide your customer a Flex2 Payment Link and they make a payment that same day or the customer receives an automated Flex2 Payment Link and makes a payment at 10:43pm on a Saturday night, you're improving your cash flow.

Improve PCI and Reduce Manual Labor

The days when you needed to calculate who's paid up and who isn't and then spend the rest of the day trying to contact and collect payment are gone. When it comes to a PCI compliance standpoint, taking a card number over the phone is sketchy at best.

Set It and Forget It

Flex2 Payment Forms can be automated allowing you to focus on what matters most in your organization, moving it forward. The Flex2 Payment Form will become your new best friend, processing and collecting at 4:04 am when your next Tessitura unpaid order is due.
A Flex2 Payment Link is unique and secure. It's what your customer will use to make a payment. Your customer may choose to forward the link to their accounting department, another coworker, or someone else who will make the payment and that is just fine.

Flex2 Payment Forms Automate Payment Collection

What kind of unpaid orders would you like to automate and collect?

Group Sales

This can be used for group sales orders that were placed over the phone by tour operators, corporate event planners, school field trip organizers, and any other group sales situation you may encounter. You can instantly provide a payment link to your customer knowing that the automated reminder will do all the follow up to collect payment for unpaid group sales orders.

Subscription Renewals

This can be used for season ticket subscribers so they can pay their unpaid subscription orders (either new or renewal) in Tessitura along with adding an optional add-on donation. If you like, you can provide 2 button links in the automated reminder. 1) "Renew with Modifications" and they link off to your website to login or 2) "Quick Renewal" and they link to their personalized Flex2 Payment Form with no login required to collect payment their unpaid subscription orders.

Classes & Events

This can be used for class or event orders that were placed over the phone by individuals, parents, event planners, and any other class or event situation you may encounter. You can instantly provide a payment link to your customer knowing that the automated reminder will do all the follow up to collect payment for unpaid class or event orders.

Coming Soon... Pledge Payments Reminders

Pledge payments reminders will identify pledge payments that have been "pledged" but have not been paid. You can automate the the payment collection process using a Message Manager email. The email will be deployed with a link to a personalized Flex2 Payment Form with their specific pledge payment amount, no login required. When the payment is made, you can adjust the pledge and apply the funds.
“The Payment Manager is a game changer! It's just that simple. Why? Our internal time savings, the improved customer experience, clear and comprehensive messaging, and flexible payment options from credit card to ACH. We couldn't be happier with the collaborative experience we had working with the Donate2 | Stream2 | Flex2 team.”
John Fernandes
Group Sales Manager at Boston Symphony Orchestra

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