Flex2 Launch Forms

A launch pad for multi-form events, memberships, tributes, and more...

Cleveland Orchestra Flex2 Launch

Why Do Organizations Use Flex2 Launch Forms?

The Flex2 Launch Form is a unique form type that is used to create a launching pad or landing page that contains buttons linking to other forms or outside links for Events, Tributes, Memberships, and more. No coding required.

2 Minutes To Create

Flex2 Launch Forms are so easy to create. You select the forms you want to include and if your form isn't built yet you can always add forms later. Update your colors, set an alias URL, drag and drop the order of your buttons, enable return links. It's just that quick!

No Code Required

The best part, no code required! You don't have to get knee deep into HTML. We take care of all that for you. If you have some coding chops, you can always use CSS in the Presentation Manager to override any styles. In either case, you're in control for Launch.

Auto-Generate Return Links

The Flex2 Launch Form can optionally add return buttons to the linked forms making navigating between forms easy. By just enabling the "Return Button" feature you create an easy-to-navigate experience for your customers. The wording of the return button is up to you.

Unlimited Buttons

When creating a Flex2 Launch Form for an Event with Tables, Sponsorships, Tickets, Live Stream, Donations, and more... You can create as many linked forms as you want. Even though it's unlimited, you may want to reconsider a Launch form with 100 buttons!

Outside Links

Buttons on a Flex2 Launch Form don't just have to link to another Donate2, Stream2, or Flex2 Form. You can link off to your website or other outside resources. It's all about making sure that a customer can access the information they need and we provide that flexibility.

Multi-Column & Mobile Friendly

You may have noticed, all of our Donate2, Stream2, and Flex2 Forms are mobile first. The Flex2 Launch Form is no exception. We provide you the options for creating a grid of 1, 2, 3 column format for your buttons. No matter where you view the forms, they look great!

Custom Domains

Create branded form URLs that match your website!

Setup a root domain with as many subdomains as you need. When you combine this with our form alias feature, you can create exactly the URL that you want. This provides a better experience for patrons, easier to remember URL's, and consistency across your brand. Custom Domains are available on all plans.
Custom URLs
The act of starting or setting something in motion.

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