Donate2 includes Flexible & Personalized Asks, Recurring, Cover Costs, Marketing Opt-In, and Social Share Previews.

Forms that Simply Work

The key to a good form is keep the message short and sweet–don't go overboard front-loading the form with too much information. If you have additional details you want from your donor, ask after the donation is complete. The highest performing forms are often the simplest. They have a logo or branding, a short but informative headline, and just enough copy so potential donors understand your request before moving onto our easy payment options.

“We developed a cool dashboard to monitor Donate2 activity. We're seeing 83% are new donors, 15% never bought a ticket from us, and 80% used Cover Cost.

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts
Daniel Neel - Vice President of Development

Recurring Donations

Monthly, quarterly, or yearly donations are just a drop down away. You can make any Donate2 form show recurring options. A recurring donation will automatically repeat the donation on the frequency the donor chooses.

This is the easiest way for your donors to make an ongoing positive impact.

Personalized Ask & Personalized Forms

Personalize a "One-Click Donation" button in your donor email that loads a Donate2 form with a Personalized Ask amount using our supported URL parameters. Also, you can pre-populate the credit card form with the first name, last name, and email making it even easier for your donor to give.  Use our URL parameters to personalize the text content of your donation form.

For Example:
Dear Stephen,
Thank You, Sydney
Can we count on you Mike?

If that’s not enough personalization for you, you can even create your own URL parameters for more customization.

When you personalize the donation ask, it really makes an impact.

Personalized Ask

Flexible Ask Amounts

Configure each form to deliver the ask just the way you need it. Donate2 lets you present the donor with a range of suggested donation amounts and a default amount to communicate what you’d like them to give. Using the “Other amount” option allows for them to enter any amount up to $99,999. To top it off, enable our game-changing Cover Costs options to maximize your donors' impact and deliver 100% of the donation to you.

You’ll be surprised at people's generosity when you let them say how much they'll give!

Show Their Impact

Use our goal feature to show donors what you're working towards. The Gift goal shows a progress bar for the total number of gifts generated by the specific form and the Financial goal shows the same but for a set dollar amount.

Add one or both to a form to inspire more people to join your cause!

Lock It In

When you are finished building your form and you are ready to share it with the world, enable the Lock on the form to protect it from edits. You can unlock the form at any time to make updates and changes, even when its live.

UK Gift Aid

For Tessitura Integrated accounts
When the donor selects the Gift Aid option, Donate2 will create a Gift Aid declaration for the constituent.

NOTE: Because Gift Aid is used by UK organizations only, it is only available for accounts created on our regional servers in Europe.

UK Gift Aid
Team Fundraising

Experience A Real Team Fundraiser
Pittsburgh Opera Holiday Bazaar

For the full experience, please make a donation when you visit this fundraiser.

Team Fundraising

Because we're better when we work together. Bring your supporters together to raise money for a common financial goal.

  • Unlimited Programs, Teams, and Team Members
  • Apply Tessitura Source ID's to the Program, Teams, and Team Members
  • Apply the donation to a Fund or On Account
  • Auto generated landing pages
  • Personalized Donate2 Team Fundraising forms
  • CSS style control - custom fonts, backgrounds, gradations
  • Realtime donation updates on landing pages
  • Social Sharing at all levels
  • Team Member profile management
  • So much more...

Visit Our Faux Team Fundraising Demo
International Music Hall of Fame

Note: When you visit our Team Fundraising demo don't actually submit a donation.


“We continue to find new ways to fuse Donate2 with all of our Marketing and Fundraising efforts. As we move forward, we're excited to work with the team at Donate2 on the next stage of new product features and integrations between Donate2, Prospect2 and Tessitura.”

Michael Moore - Associate Director of Marketing Insights